Bitterness is a certain level of introspection. It is an emotional state of long-term regret that turns into destructive emotions. A negativity that develops into a burden and becomes a weight one consciously decides to hold on to as a fixation.

While sharing a glass of dry martini, the performers Ellinor Ljungkvist and Andrew Wass investigate this fixation. They discuss the different understandings of bitterness in American and Swedish culture, reveal sad memories and analyze the habit of looping them over and over again.

Idea Ellinor Ljungkvist
Developed and performed by Andrew Wass & Ellinor Ljungkvist
Photography Helena Botto
Documentation Walter Bickman
Moderator at the artist talk Martin Nachbarn

Premier at Tanzfabrik /Uferstudios Berlin 2016
Thanks to Tanzfabrik Berlin and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

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