Final Work

My final work in Master in Choreography at the University of the Arts in Stockholm I presented in 2018 at Danscentrum in Stockholm. The two performers Ida Hellsten and Amanda Billberg performed as a duo throughout the piece. The theme of the piece was anger and the performers expressed both anger on abstract and concrete events, towards each other and themselves. Different reality-based situations transformed into each other and was choreographed from different expressions as set dance movements to music, improvisation, performance-concepts as durational performance and singular actions, dialogues and monologues, minimalistic stage and light-design.

Performance 2018
Danscentrum Stockholm

Choreography Ellinor Ljungkvist
Performers Ida Hellsten & Amanda Billberg

Fundings & partners
The piece was possible to create because of great choreographic advice by Gunilla Heilborn, Frederic Gies, Anne Juren, Sandra Noeth, Siegmar Zacharias, Mira Mutka, Anna Efraimsson & Josefin Wikström, for conceptual thoughtful light-design by Hannele philipson & Sofia Limosa, pr-photography by Anna Ljungkvist & video documentation José Figuero.

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Photography Anna Ljungkvist