I have to work over time. Today again. I do that often. You are at home. I wonder what you have done all day long. You have probably been cleaning. Maybe made some food. Been watching bad series on TV to kill time. Your time is slow and stretched out. You are bored and sexy lazy. You don't care about these things other seem to think is so important. Like emails money, degrees, contracts, socialisation, friends, family. No, you are indifferent, punk, trash. You eat choklad and drink coke whenever you feel like. My time is hunting me. I try to run. I am running fast and my heart is running faster. I lose my thoughts behind. I forget. I complain on bad memory as a low ability. Hoping others feel empathy.

I end my day. I go home.

When I come home you are in the middle of a drama on TV. I lay down on the sofa together with you. You still have your nightdress on. You have greasy hair. You are uninterested. I have my workclothe on. I am simple. Jeans. A shirt. I hug you from behind. I feel how our different time zones collide with each other. I am thinking of that you are naked under your nightdress.Your skin is resting soft. That it is easy to touch your vagina. Your unwashed wet vagina.I touch your breasts and close my eyes. Fantasise. I get horny. I press myself against your back. I feel how I am pulsing. You are unmoved. Busy with the drama on TV. Letting time pass. I lay my arm around your waste and pull-up your nightdress. Lay my hand between your legs. Tab my fingers. But carefully to not scratch you with my fingernails. You seem bored but I hope relaxed. I open my pants and take them off. I keep my shirt on. I am to lazy. I open your vagina…

Through catty dances, intimate fantasies, furry dreams, prancing sounds and sexy voices in a soft knitted space the two human cats explores different relations between their bodies, memories and fictive futures. The cats explores the female experience concerning desire, intimacy and fantasy. They experiment with ideas of the self and play with the infinite boundaries between materials and temporalities. Tangling through the multiplicity of possible articulations and re-articulations and letting fantasy act as a potential subversive force.

In relation to the staged work the cats also hold a workshop open for anyone who like to knit and share mind-blowing fantasies. The workshop named TELL ME YOUR FANTASY is a collective knitting and sharing of intimate conversations about ones most cherished or banal desire.

Piece & workshop co-created by Amanda Billberg & Ellinor Ljungkvist
Sound by Kenneth Cosimo
Photography by Daniel Pherson
Supervisors Emily Roysdon & Nasim Aghili

Great support from c.off - the platform for the presentation 2019