My mother can make me really angry, but it is because I love her too much, I think. There is nobody that can make me so angry like she can. Anger rises in moments of irritation. I get very irritated. First there is irritation then irritation turns into frustration and then into anger. It is the small things. The details. Like the tone in her voice. The way she pronounces my name. When I have to wait for her. When she tells me her whole schedule. When she interrupts me and begins to explain how it is. When she tells me how I really am. All those small things no one else would recognize from the outside. But what makes me the most angry is when her husband complains about her. Even if it is about the same things that bother me. Then we argue, and I know exactly what to say to make him angry.

In a duo piece we embody anger stories like this to show how it feels like really feeling this. The stories are told by Ellinor, Amanda and Ida but performed by Amanda and Ida.

Idea, storyteller & choreography Ellinor Ljungkvist
Storytellers & dancers Amanda Billberg & Ida Hellsten
Choreographic advice Gunilla Heilborn

Light design Hannele philipson & Sofia Limosa
Video documentation José Figuero
Photography Anna Ljungkvist

at Danscentrum Stockholm 2018

Thanks to Danscentrum, DOCH, Frederic Gies, Anne Juren, Sandra Noeth, Siegmar Zacharias, Mira Mutka, Anna Efraimsson, Benedict Olk & Josefin Wikström for great trust.

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