This is a piece about girls’ thoughts on sisterhood and the potential of fantasy and visions. Sisterhood as defined gestures of friendship and feminism, resistance and truths knitted together in an intertwined common experience. With catty dances, revealing conversations, fury dreams and pulsing sound and voices the two human cats invites the audience to a place of sisterhood as the normative state. When the human cats get dressed as cats as in very fury furs, long sharp nails and other catty attributes then the performance is real.

Piece & workshop co-created by Amanda Billberg & Ellinor Ljungkvist
Sound Kenneth Cosimo
Stage design Agnes Erson
Photography Daniel Pherson

Performance 2020
Teatermaskinen Riddarhyttan

Performance 2021
Theatre Martin Mutter Örebro + artist talk

We as Cats is possible to create because of Region Västmanland for production support, Västerås Concert hall and Teatermaskinen for residence possibility and Västerås tjejjouren Ronjas for research.

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