Talkers. I hate talkers. Or I hate listening when it becomes exhausting. It has something to do with the unawareness of the other. Of not understanding when one is talking too much. When it’s no longer about the content but about one own need to calm anxiety. To forget to include others in the conversation. When there is only one person’s opinion that should count. The disinterest in other people’s perspectives.The insensitivity of not giving space. A moment of breath. The missing out on the reality of the situation. The elephant in the room. Being the elephant in the room. One-dimensional. Being one-dimensional. Being unaware. Leaving the room with a lot of questions. Leaving wondering why the atmosphere was so weird. Being very unsure about the outcome of the meeting.

Idea & performance Ellinor Ljungkvist
Performers Ivo Serra, Danilo Viana & Niklas Fransson

Performed at DOCK 11 & Eden Studios Berlin, HAU 3 Berlin, Uferstudios Berlin & Unithea Festival Frankfurt Oder between 2013 - 2015

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