I get really angry and sad when I see animal experimentation. I hate to see exploitation of the innocent. I feel claustrophobic when I see fish in a too-small aquarium. Abuse and assault make me feel ready to fight. Inequality between human beings and animals. Inequality between men and women. Inequality between ages.

I fear that in the future inequality will keep me from the one I wish for. Sometimes I don’t care at all. I am indifferent. I am just an example of a fish in a too-small aquarium.

My cat, she gets in a bad mood sometimes too. She is very old, an old lady. So she don’t have much patience anymore. But she gets annoyed about the same things as I do I realized. Like when she is being touched. It is very specific...

The booklet TEAR is a collection of further more stories like this that have been performed as dance pieces at different moments. The stories are based on true events and personal experiences of different women. Many themes has been brought up through out and revealed intimate truths.

2018 Edition of TEAR
The personal

2017 Edition of TEAR
The personal