Ellinor is one of the founders of G5, which is an artist driven organisation that sets the artistic idea first. In a genuine and an engaged group of five artists of five different disciplines new artistic concepts, projects and methods are to be realized under a yes policy attitude. The projects are contemporary and not frozen to influence and strive forward, presentations and workshops are public and progressive, research and creation is conceptual and thematic and work is made in a collective manner.

G5 moves between landscapes of contemporary dance, performance art, choreography, alternative practices, subculture, literature, theory, music, visual art, scenography and media, it leads to inter- and transdisciplinary research of diverse character. New projects with innovative plans are always to await from G5 as we want other aesthetics and styles, reality and imagination in new constellations of artists to work together in slow-motion on long-term projects with a more green artistic lifestyle.

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