Disapproval of emotional >>scenes<< leads to fear of strong emotion, fear of one's own anger and hatred. Fear of anger and hatred combined with a lack of self-confidence in one's ability to cope with and change the world, or even to affect in the slightest way one's own destiny, leads to a mindless belief that the world and most people in it are nice and the most banal, trivial amusements are great fun and deeply pleasurable.

- Valerie Solanas, SCUM Manifesto

With Valerie as inspiration for her honest and vulgar expression we choreograph scenes that are based on our true and angry stories. We share our personal and real experiences from a serious but absurd and humorous perspective. We re-embody and re-tell our stories in a genuin way to reveal taboos and truths that effects us women on every day basis.

Choreography Ellinor Ljungkvist
Dancers Amanda Billberg, Ida Hellsten, Miranda Wallmon & Sonjis Laine
Scenography Linn Henriksson Strååt
Photography Anna Ljungkvist

Premier at Örebro länsteater Nya China 2019
Following performances at Dansens hus "Late night", Askersunds kulturhus Sjöängen & Lindesberg Kulturum Sweden.

Thanks to Dance in Örebro region, Örebro länsteater, Dansens hus Stockholm, Askersunds culture house Sjöängen, Lindesberg commune & Smart Production house Stockholm for production support.