Group 5 Feminist Perspective

Group 5 is a series of meetings with artists from different disciplines that practice norm creativity and feminism in a collective context. At each meeting five artists are invited to reflect and work together by practicing each others artistry.

The meetings take place at Teatermaskinen in Riddarhyttan /Skinnskatteberg, in the frame of Kulturreservatet´s folkhögskola that is a part of Botkyrka folkhögskola Stockholm.

Artistic directors Ellinor Ljungkvist & Amanda Billberg

Invited artists 2018
Järva Engman
Sanna Blennow
Charlotte Ostritsch
Felicia Sol
Carima Neusser
Tanja Andersson
Mirjam Hector
Josefin Gladh
Oda Brekke
Alice McKenzie

Invited artists 2019
Frida Lundberg Jansson
more will follow...

Thanks to the Swedish Art Council for support!