Group 5 | Feminist Perspective

Feminist Perspective is a series of workshops that focuses on the format as the applied methodology. At each workshop five women are invited to work norm-creatively together. Reflecting on feminism and collectiveness through ones own art. The workshops take place at Teatermaskinen in Riddarhyttan and WELD in Stockholm.

Invited artists 2018 & 2019 Eleanor Campbell, Sybrig Dokter, Agnes Ersson, Järva Engman, Sanna Blennow, Charlotte Ostritsch, Felicia Sol, Carima Neusser, Tanja Andersson, Mirjam Hector, Josefin Gladh, Oda Brekke, Alice McKenzie.

Group 5 | RAI RAI
ruminate artistic ideas <-> ruminate artistic ideas

RAI RAI is a gratification-dinner held by Group 5 for the local artists of Riddarhyttan and the residence artists of Västmanlands music- & dance residence program working at Teatermaskinen. The dinner is an attempt to bring artists together that are engaged in an artistic process at the same time, in the same geographic area, to offer a chance to ruminate together on their current creative states.

Group 5 | Experiment

Experiment is a collective durational performance based on performance-instructions and the coming together of fifteen artists. The performance-artists are individually invited and do not know about each other until the performance day. The performance take place once a year at different locations.

Artistic directors Ellinor Ljungkvist & Amanda Billberg